ADREArizona Department of Real Estate
ADREAerosol Direct Radiative Effect (atmospheric radiation factor)
ADREAnalyte-Dependent Reporter Enzyme
ADREAssistant Director of Religious Education
ADREAssociate Director for Research and Education
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Beth bynnag yw'r gwirionedd fedr rhywun ddim ond teimlo fod y dynion ifanc yma wedi brwydro dros Brydain ond fod neb wedi sicrhau eu bod yn cael mynd adre - yn sicr mewn da bryd.
In his 62-page decision, Adre said it was "incredible" that the girl "kept diaries of tragic events of fondling and touching" but could not say when she was allegedly raped by the priest.
Doedd gen i ddim amser i yrru nol adre i chwilio am fy llyfr sieciau.
TRANSL888 it: Presenter Nia Parry is invited to take a peek inside the homes of some of Wales' best-known personalities in a new series, Adre.
In its September 26, 2013 order, signed by Deputy Ombudsman Humprey Monteroso, the anti-graft probe body asked Dennis Adre to answer the charges of serious dishonesty, misrepresentation, grave misconduct and violation of Republic Act 3016 for conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service and falsification of official documents.
Gwyddom am ddisgynyddion eu mab Evan a arhosodd adre yma.
Alsoarmi Khaled Saad, spokesperson of the Sudan Armed Forces, said the Chadian commanders reaffirmed that their troops to the joint force are gathered in the town of Adre, near Sudanese border, with armament and equipment, the official SUNA reported today.
There's a chance to take a peek into the houses of some well known Welsh personalities ina new series - Adre (home) with Nia Parry.
Dychmygwch y rhai a weithiodd mor galed am bedair blynedd i gael eu dewis, dim ond i fethu a dychwelyd adre gyda medal.
Ta waeth, pan es i adre, roedd Mam wedi gadael neges ffn i mi: "O ia, dwi wedi anghofio sn wrthat ti; mae dy hen ffrind Kathy Pryer yn Plas Hen am wythnos ac isio dy weld ti.
Mae'n gret cael bod ar y cae pel-droed a chael y profiad o chwarae yn Inverness ond Cymru 'di adre a does dim teimlad gwell na chael bod adre.
Mae'n gret cael bod ar y cae pel droed a chael y profiad o chwarae yn Inverness ond Cymru 'di adre a does dim teimlad gwell na chael bod adre," meddai Owain.