ADRESArchitecture for Dynamically Reconfigurable Embedded Systems
ADRESAutomatic Dynamic Range Expansion System (recording)
ADRESAircraft Data Retrieval System
ADRESAdvanced Reconnaissance Sensor/System
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The DFE functionality together with the high power efficiency of the ADRES core integrated into IMEC's SDR-FLAI solution, will support industry to overcome the major roadblocks for introducing SDR-based baseband in future mass volume mobile terminals.
In the first phase of the project, Sapiens will use eMerge, its comprehensive solution for the transition to e-business, to build ADP's ADRES Database, which will serve as a single repository for clients' contact information, such as addresses, contact persons, sales-persons, etc.
Commenting on the project, Herman Pompe, ADP's Manager, Internal Systems said: "ADP Nederland BV has chosen Sapiens to build two systems: the ADRES database (ADP's Relation System), which is aimed at maintaining the data of all of our relations and a Message Broker system, which will deal with the changes in the decentralized systems.