ADRGArc Digitizer Raster Graphic
ADRGAdvanced Digitized Raster Graphics
ADRGARC Digitized Raster Graphic
ADRGAdvanced Database Research Group (Tucson, AZ)
ADRGAssistant Deputy Registrar General (Canada)
ADRGAlternative Dispute Resolution Group (mediation)
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where [P.sub.j] = proportion of all the patients in i general hospital accounted for by the jth ADRG category.
The PCDI is the proportion of patients in the adjacent DRGs (ADRGs) that were approved by the MOHW as disease categories needing to be treated in tertiary hospitals, standardized by the proportion of these cases at the national level (Park and Shin 2004).
ARC Digital Raster Graphic (ADRG) and Compressed ARC Digital Raster Graphic (CADRG).
The ADRG is a non-compressed digital image of charts.
A 169-dpi downsampling of ADRG. Provides a 55:1 compression ratio.
A separate linear regression was done for each ADRG. Because the data were skewed to the right, we used the log transformation of the number of discharges for each patient as the dependent variable in the regression model.
DRGs that differed only with respect to age and/or presence of comorbidities or complications were combined to form adjacent DRGs (ADRGs).
The amount of systematic variation in hospitalization rates for each of 68 adjacent diagnosis-related groups (ADRGs) (Roos, Wennberg, and McPherson 1988) was estimated using maximum likelihood estimation (Efron and Morris 1975).
This probably stems from the similarly of charges across surgical and medical treatments for breast cancer (e.g., average charges for ADRG 259/26;0, subtotal mastectomy, were $3,199, whereas average charges for ADRG 274/275, medical treatment for breast cancer, were $3,439).
AGC will convert all NGA's Arc Digital Raster Graphics (ADRGs) into GeoPDFs.
To sort patients into the four mortality groups, we first assigned them to "adjacent DRGs" (or ADRGs).