ADRGARC Digitized Raster Graphic
ADRGAdvanced Database Research Group (Tucson, AZ)
ADRGAssistant Deputy Registrar General (Canada)
ADRGAlternative Dispute Resolution Group (mediation)
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j] = proportion of all the patients in i general hospital accounted for by the jth ADRG category.
The ADRG and CADRG are scanned versions of paper maps.
The ADRG is a non-compressed digital image of charts.
CADRG is a compressed version of ADRG (ARC Digitized Raster Graphics).
A four-step hierarchical rule was used for grouping the principal diagnoses that occurred within each ADRG to form dummy variables.
In particular, the following ADRGs were selected: angina (DRG 140); atherosclerosis (DRGs 132-133); coronary artery bypass graft surgery (DRGs 106-107); percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (DRG 112); cardiac catheterization (DRGs 124-125); acute myocardial infarction (DRGs 121-123); asthma (DRGs 96-98); respiratory infection (DRG 79); chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (DRG 88); and pneumonia (DRGs 89-91).
0 percent of those with diagnostic evaluation were grouped into the medical digestive malignancy ADRG 172/173.
A list of the complete ADRG assignments is available from the authors.
Designed to meet tough military and commercial requirements, MapFusion provides "on-demand" interoperability between prevalent geospatial military standards including VPF, RPF, ADRG, and DTED, and popular GIS business packages from ESRI(R), Informix(R) (IBM(R) subsidiary), Intergraph(R), MapInfo(R), ObjectFX(TM), Oracle(R), and Virtual Prototypes(TM).
These include raster formats such as ADRG, CADRG, CIB and GeoTIFF, and vector formats such as DXF, VPF, DCW, and ESRI Shapefile.
Some of the raster or image formats supported will be ADRG, CADRG, CIB, Landsat, SPOT, CIB, and DOQ.