ADRMApplied Data Resource Management
ADRMAdverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
ADRMadvection-diffusion-reaction model
ADRMAlternative Dispute Resolution Method (resolution outside government judicial process)
ADRMAnalog Digital Remastering (recordings)
ADRMAlternate Dispute Resolution Mediation (Boise State University; Idaho)
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However, the ADRM is different from the normal detection configuration.
Conversely, in the ADRM configuration, waves propagated through the waveguide of the optical fiber from the adhesive point to the PS-FBG.
In the ADRM configurations, the adhesive point was located 20 cm away from the MFC, and the PS-FBG sensor was located 40 and 60 cm away from the MFC to detect the ultrasonic wave, resulting in ADRM(40-20) and ADRM(60-20) configurations, respectively.
The results indicated that the waveforms detected by using the ADRM configuration could reflect the characteristics of the Lamb waves at the adhesive point.
We glued the PS-FBG sensor in the ADRM configuration on the plate to detect AEs generated during the bending test.
As a result, 34 AE events were detected using the PS-FBG sensor in the ADRM configuration.
"The ADRM Working Group will create a conduit for processing, organizing, and focusing consumer feedback; a forum for providing legal oversight and influencing regulatory and legislative actions; and a platform for coordinating technical direction as these relate to access control in the digital ecosystem," said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in making the announcement.
We researched a number of technology providers, including the tier 1 providers of enterprise data warehouse technologies, before selecting Netezza and ADRM Software.
Hardoi (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Nov 6 ( ANI ): After four workers were run over by Kolkata-Amritsar Akal Takht Express, the Railway authorities suspended a Permanent Way Inspector (PWI), the Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM) has said.
ADRM Sharad Srivastava said that compensation would also be ensured to the families of the deceased.
As of now all the passengers who were in the derailed bogies are being shifted," Naveen Parsuram, ADRM .( ANI )
Jagannatham, the then Additional Divisional Railway Manager (ADRM), his son Srujan, a Raipur-based agent MRSN Murthy, an employee Andhra Pradesh Health Department, A.