ADRMApplied Data Resource Management
ADRMAdverse Drug Reaction Monitoring
ADRMadvection-diffusion-reaction model
ADRMAlternative Dispute Resolution Method (resolution outside government judicial process)
ADRMAlternate Dispute Resolution Mediation (Boise State University; Idaho)
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Conversely, in the ADRM configuration, waves propagated through the waveguide of the optical fiber from the adhesive point to the PS-FBG.
In the ADRM configurations, the adhesive point was located 20 cm away from the MFC, and the PS-FBG sensor was located 40 and 60 cm away from the MFC to detect the ultrasonic wave, resulting in ADRM(40-20) and ADRM(60-20) configurations, respectively.
The results indicated that the waveforms detected by using the ADRM configuration could reflect the characteristics of the Lamb waves at the adhesive point.
We glued the PS-FBG sensor in the ADRM configuration on the plate to detect AEs generated during the bending test.
As a result, 34 AE events were detected using the PS-FBG sensor in the ADRM configuration.
We researched a number of technology providers, including the tier 1 providers of enterprise data warehouse technologies, before selecting Netezza and ADRM Software.
the nation's leading provider of unlimited, flat-rate no annual contract wireless communications service, has selected the Netezza[R] TwinFin[TM] appliance and ADRM Software's CDMA Wireless Data Model to be the foundation for its enterprise data warehouse (EDW).
More information about ADRM can be found at http://www.
FleetBoston Financial is one of many ADRM customers who have used the industry models to accelerate its development of business intelligence infrastructure by cutting development time, increasing productivity and reducing costs.
This strategic partnership with ADRM furthers our commitment to providing customers with an e-Business intelligence infrastructure for XML-based business-to-business (B2B) environments," said Mikael Wipperfeld, vice president, i.
The enhanced institutional and coordination mechanisms will facilitate the cooperation of all stakeholders in ADRM thereby providing the means by which the sector can not only shorten its recovery response period, but also manage disaster risk reduction and mitigation efforts;