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ADROITAdaptive Dynamic Radio Open-Source Intelligent Team (software-defined radio creation)
ADROITAdverse Drug Reaction On-Line Information Tracking
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By adroit management the wooden float is to rise on the other side of the mass, so that now having girdled the made whale, the chain is readily made to follow suit; and being slipped along the body, is at last locked fast round the smallest part of the tail, at the point of junction with its broad flukes or lobes.
This adroit Canadian employed his time in preparing the viands and meat that he had brought off the island.
In three years he had gone off considerably, though he was still rather handsome and adroit. One could see that by the time he was thirty he would be corpulent.
Adroit Infinitum's Team Manager Malvikha Manog said: "This is supposed to be our last year to participate as students since we are going to grade 12, a very important educational year for us.
The ad campaign, intended to reinforce the company's name on campuses and spread it beyond academia to the general public, is just one sign of the major changes that this 86-year-old company has undergone recently in its drive to become leaner, more responsive to customers' needs and more adroit as a competitor.
The true professional will be an adroit strategist, a creative tactician and a skilled facilitator--a friend of technology and an exponent of lifelong learning.
Modest in scale, yet executed with resourcefulness and sensitivity, Pinos' building is an adroit exercise in the art of making decent, dignified public places and spaces.
The CEOs also adroit that most Of their companies focus on external threats such as viruses and consistently underemphasize internal threats, the E&Y report says.
Adroit and creative, Sanders found three military aircraft that could be spared and moved 162 employers and family members to Corpus Christi on Feb.
And second, and far more importantly, that some adroit diplomatic maneuvering can convince Asian nations, particularly China and the Koreas, that Japan as a local security force is good for the region.
Professor Traub impresses by her command of scholarship in several fields and by her adroit handling of a striking array of the discourses of early modern eroticism; from anatomies and travel narratives to works on midwifery and legal treatises, from medical and pornographic texts to poetry, drama, and paintings, her discussion follows the complex circulation of discourses in England and on the Continent.
Sanders told the Salt Lake Tribune that since flames engulfed the living room when she peered in, family possessions were likely a "total loss' But thanks to the detective's adroit response to the crisis, the mother and children suffered only minor smoke inhalation.