ADRPArmy Doctrine Reference Publication
ADRPAdipose Differentiation Related Protein
ADRPAutosomal Dominant Retinitis Pigmentosa
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Procedure (various locations)
ADRPAlternative Dispute Resolution Program
ADRPArmy DISN Router Program
ADRPAutomated Data Reduction Program
ADRPAutomated Data Retriever and Processor
ADRPAdaptive Distributed Reuse Partitioning
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ADRP 5-0, Operations Process, 1-2-1-4, 1-13; and JP 2-0, Joint Intelligence, II-2.
Autosomal dominant retinitis pigmentosa (ADRP): localization of an ADRP gene to the long arm of chromosome 3.
ADRP stimulates lipid accumulation and lipid droplet formation in murine fibroblasts.
Because grade- 3 and -4 reading is widely viewed as a meaning-making activity, and we wanted to ensure reliability in administration of the ADRP by reading tutors, we measured only instructional reading level from responses to comprehension questions.
The meetings are usually attended by nursing, social services, the ADRP Project Director, if involved, one of the unit's residents, myself (when necessary), and at times a member of the Alliance for Better Nursing Care, a patient advocacy group.
To see the results from these influences, review the latest ADP 3-0, ADRP 3-0, and FM 3-0, Operations.
Creativity, according to ADRP 6-22, is required to produce "original and worthwhile ideas," "prevent complacency," and "adapt to new environments.
5-0, The Operations Process (May 2012) [hereinafter ADRP 5-0].
ADRP grows its own food; it makes in--house dentures and partials at a low cost; it trains students and where possible, employs them.
064 activated receptor, alpha Long chain fatty acid transport adipose differentiation-related ADRP 0.
August The Leader's Guide Updates terminology 2012 to After- Action from TC 25-20; Reviews (AAR) supports ADP 7-0 and (Training Management ADRP 7-0.
However, as ADRP 6-0 states, "Military operations are complex, human endeavors characterized by the continuous, mutual adaptation of give and take, moves, and countermoves among all participants.