ADRUAnimal Disease Research Unit (USDA)
ADRUAlcohol and Drug Research Unit (Health Research Board; Ireland)
ADRUAgeing and Disability Research Unit (University of Nottingham; Nottingham, UK)
ADRUActive Duty Rehabilitation Unit (US VA; August, GA)
ADRUAlcohol and Drug Unit
ADRUAsian Disaster Response Unit (UN)
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Then data-collection organizations and rating agencies such as Moody's and Standard & Poor's could create key AdRu metrics and reporting, Conway wrote.
"It is important that the global community works together to control diseases that limit food and fiber production, and East Coast fever is one of those diseases," says ADRU's research leader Don Knowles.
Scoles, Knowles, and Massaro Ueti, an ADRU veterinary medical officer, teamed up with ILRI scientists to develop a polymerase chain reaction test that detects parasite DNA in ticks to quantify the level of infection.
Microbiologist Hong Li, veterinary medical officer Naomi Taus, and others at ADRU, in collaboration with Lindsay Oaks at Washington State University and Donal O'Toole at the University of Wyoming, have discovered that the reason the virus won't grow in cell culture is that it undergoes several changes inside the animal's body.
In one study, ADRU microbiologist Lynn Herrmann-Hoesing is using the tissue samples to study alleles (alternate gene copies) associated with an immune response in sheep to the ovine progressive pneumonia virus.
Kappmeyer, who's in ARS's Animal Diseases Research Unit (ADRU) in Pullman, Washington.