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ADRVAllgemeiner Deutscher Rassehunde Verband (German: General German Dog Association)
ADRVAllgemeiner Deutscher Rollenspieler Verein (German: General German Role-Players Association)
ADRVAdipose and Right Ventral Fin (fish tracking)
ADRVArrhythmogenic Dysplasia of the Right Ventricle (cardiology)
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In the four subparagraphs above, we have tried to sketch the approach that the Dutch Doping Authority has chosen to help athletes that get involved in disciplinary proceedings concerning an ADRV.
Three Whereabouts Failures in a rolling 18 months will be an ADRV under new Code Art 2.
It would be a simple matter to draft an ADRV to deal with leaking confidential information not authorised by the Code.
UK Sport also paint a bleak picture of rugby with league top of the list of shame with 14 ADRVs between 1 A 2007 to 31 March 2008 and union in third with five.
Football, which conducted the most tests in the UK, had six ADRVs and athletics three while basketball, disability power-lifting, equestrian and fencing each had two.