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ADRVAdoración de Rotura Violenta (San Diego band; San Diego, CA)
ADRVAllgemeiner Deutscher Rassehunde Verband (German: General German Dog Association)
ADRVAllgemeiner Deutscher Rollenspieler Verein (German: General German Role-Players Association)
ADRVAdipose and Right Ventral Fin (fish tracking)
ADRVArrhythmogenic Dysplasia of the Right Ventricle (cardiology)
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Initiative: The Doping Authority does not contact the athlete after he is notified in writing about the ADRV, but leaves the initiative to the athlete (or his entourage).
In the four subparagraphs above, we have tried to sketch the approach that the Dutch Doping Authority has chosen to help athletes that get involved in disciplinary proceedings concerning an ADRV.
Having considered all of the evidence and taken expert external advice, the BCCI has accepted Pathan's explanation of the cause of his ADRV, and on that basis has agreed that a period of ineligibility of five months should apply, together with the disqualification of certain results," the board added.
2 to back-date the start date of the period of ineligibility still further on account of Pathan's prompt admission of his ADRV upon being confronted with it by the BCCI, and under BCCI ADR Article 10.
Three Whereabouts Failures in a rolling 18 months will be an ADRV under new Code Art 2.
It would be a simple matter to draft an ADRV to deal with leaking confidential information not authorised by the Code.
There have been 399 ADRVs in the UK with Wales, which makes up just under 5% of the population, supplying nearly 10% of British violations.