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ADSDAdductor Spasmodic Dysphonia
ADSDAdvanced Distributed Systems Design
ADSDAir Defense Systems Directorate (US DoD)
ADSDAutosomal Dominant Striatal Degeneration
ADSDActive Duty Start Date
ADSDAustralian Defence Signals Directorate (Department of Defence Intelligence and Security; Australia)
ADSDActive Directory Software Deployment
ADSDActive Directory Software Distribution
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ADSD, was created by the Abu Dhabi-based think tank, the Emirates Policy Center, will focus on International politics and establishing how to better understand and predict future shifts, with the Emirates power building model being the first issue to address.
The disorder must be differentiated from hyperfunctional and psychogenic dysphonias, as well as essential vocal tremor (EVT), or other vocal tremor, which can be present in up to 25% of patients with AdSD. (8) In most patients with SD, only the intrinsic muscles of the larynx are affected.
The thyroarytenoid (TA) is usually the most involved muscle in a vocal tremor, but people with concurrent AdSD and EVT respond less optimally to TA botulinum toxin injections than those with isolated AdSD.
For AdSD, the initial dose is usually 1-5 mouse units (MU) injected into each thyroarytenoid (TA) muscle.
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Non-LDOs without service year assignment--Eligible to retire after 20 years and one day of active service from your Active Duty Start Date (ADSD) with at least 10 years of commissioned service.
Look for the (ADSD) on Block 20 and (ACBD) in block 19 of your ODC.