ADSDPPAncestral Domain Sustainable Development Protection Plan (Philippines)
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The ADSDPP, which is good for five years, is overseen primarily by the NCIP, as prescribed by the 1997 Indigenous Peoples Rights Act (Republic Act No.
The ADSDPP will serve as the main reference material of the LCCAP for IPs concerns.
During the 2nd Benguet Cultural Communities Conference recently, aside from harmonization with the ADSDPP, Labro suggested a resiliency framework to serve as guide in the formulation of the LCCAP embracing IP concerns such as respect to some bundle of rights of IP, respect for culture and tradition, economic activity for the IP in connection with ecological preservations, must be tribe-based, and the exchange of Indigenous Knowledge, Skills and Practices of the different IP communities in the area on climate change mitigation and adaptation should the community allow these to be shared.