ADSEPAdministrative Separation (US DoD)
ADSEPAssociation des Scleroses en Plaques du Sud-Est (French: Multiple Sclerosis Association of the South-East; France)
ADSEPAdvanced Separation by Phase Partitioning (NASA)
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There are seven different types of experiments that may be conducted in ADSEP cassettes and SHOT is completing work on designs for others under three separate NASA contracts.
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies with an interest in solidification processes, cell and tissue culturing and engineering, protein crystallization, polymer film and filter formation, chemical separation methods, and the behavior of phase-changing systems can benefit from space research using the SHOT ADSEP facility," added Todd.
ADSEP has been used on previous missions to perform experiments in cell culture, drug microencapsulation, biochemical purification and extraction, protein crystal growth, surface and interfacial-phenomena and colloid dynamics.