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ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADSLAsynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (common but incorrect)
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (less common)
ADSLAdenylosuccinate Lyase
ADSLAdvanced Digital Subscriber Line (Netspeed)
ADSLAuto Disconnect & Super Lag (humor)
ADSLAverage Daily Student Load
ADSLAdvanced Distributed Simulation Laboratory (DSTO)
ADSLAuditory Domain Specification Language (computer programming)
ADSLAdvanced Distributed Simulation Leveraging
ADSLAuthorized Depot Stockage List
ADSLAnalogno Digitalna Sezampro Linija
ADSLArt Data Systems Limited (UK)
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ADSL users who do not feel compelled move on FTTH may continue to use to the current service, and entry-type ADSL service has also been introduced at an affordable price, allowing the ADSL market to be kept substantially large.
The technical and economical obstacles that have prevented carriers from deploying ADSL to a large segment of their premium subscriber base are overcome with our new PG-FlexPlus Edge solutions," said Shaji Thomas, vice president of marketing for ADC's Subscriber Carrier Business Unit.
These problems can be identified prior to the installation of an ADSL modem by submitting the telephone number of the prospective subscriber to the Local Exchange Carriers (LEC) database; however, there is yet another problem.
simultaneous provision of a telephone service and an ADSL service over a single pair
ADSL CPE IC Vendor Market Share, Year-end 2005 and 1Q06
Safe@Office 500/500W ADSL enhances an ISP's ability to offer a simple one-stop-shop for fully integrated technology solutions that increase their efficiency and help boost their competitive potential.
The NetVanta ADSL NIM is compatible with all NetVanta 1000, 3000, and 4000 Series routers and switch-routers and brings added flexibility and versatility to enterprise-managed ADSL circuit terminations.
Using DSL Xpert(TM), lab personnel can quickly and easily verify compliance to standards and performance of ADSL over ISDN (Annex B) products, leading to rapid system deployment.
This agreement strengthens our technological partnership with Telefonica and consolidates Lucent's leadership in the Brazilian ADSL market", says Jose Roberto Campos, president of Lucent Technologies in Brazil.
For more information about current UNH-IOL ADSL2, ADSL2plus System Integrator and ADSL2plus Chipset Plugfests, visit the ADSL Consortium's Web site at www.
Thanks to Bluewin's Public Wireless LAN package, our customers can also get the most from ADSL while they're on the move," said Sascha Frei, product group manager of Bluewin AG.