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ADSLAsymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
ADSLAsynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (common but incorrect)
ADSLAsymmetrical Digital Subscriber Loop (less common)
ADSLAdenylosuccinate Lyase
ADSLAdvanced Digital Subscriber Line (Netspeed)
ADSLAuto Disconnect & Super Lag (humor)
ADSLAverage Daily Student Load
ADSLAdvanced Distributed Simulation Laboratory (DSTO)
ADSLAuditory Domain Specification Language (computer programming)
ADSLAdvanced Distributed Simulation Leveraging
ADSLAuthorized Depot Stockage List
ADSLAnalogno Digitalna Sezampro Linija
ADSLArt Data Systems Limited (UK)
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By June, the share of ADSL users in the broadband market reached 68.
The PG-FlexPlus Edge IAD provides an ADSL connection and three or six lifeline POTS on a single copper pair.
Although consumers have demonstrated a willingness to purchase DSL service, telephony infrastructure was never designed to support frequencies higher than the 4 KHz required for vocal transmission; ADSL communications require 1.
ADSL principles and services: Principles of DMT as employed in ADSL systems
ADSL CO IC Vendor Market Share, Year-end 2005 and 1Q06
For Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the new Safe@Office 500/500W ADSL appliance will enable them to offer Internet connectivity packages with scaleable, secure remotely-managed security services to small businesses without the hassle of installing and maintaining multiple appliances at a customer's site.
It offers a single ADSL network interface and one Ethernet interface.
DSL Xpert(TM) is an easy-to-use modular tool designed for R&D and laboratory engineers engaged in the deployment of ADSL over ISDN standard-compliant solutions.
Sophisticated interoperability and conformance testing is needed if ADSL is going to transform today's public information network into a more efficient pipeline for multimedia during this century," said Matthew J.
Netopia Wi-Fi ADSL Gateway with 4-port Ethernet switch and 3-D
The Palladia 220 also extends the reach of ADSL service up to 22,000 feet from the central office, increasing the ADSL coverage area up to 45 percent.
Maximus achieves this through efficient use of the ADSL spectrum and intelligent ADSL mode selection algorithms.