ADSLAMAdvanced Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer (Cisco)
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This will be the companies' first public demonstration of the ADSLAM carrying live traffic and operating with NetSpeed's unique Digital Off-Hook(TM) technology.
The LoopRunner ADSLAM system will be available for telco service deployment in June of this year.
The LoopRunner ADSLAM is the heart of the telco provider ADSL solution.
NetSpeed, QuickDial, LoopRunner, ADSLAM, SpeedRunner, PCIRunner, FireRunner, ViewRunner, Digital Off-Hook, and BroadBond are trademarks of NetSpeed Inc.
central-office ADSLAMs, and extranet broadband remote access servers for
ystem, supporting from 16 to 4,992 users on a snner can also facilitate subscriber line conceSL signaling type -- CAP (Carrierless Amplitude and Phase Modulation) or DMT (Discrete Multi-tone) -- and single LoopRunner ADSLAM.