ADSNAssurance in Distributed Systems and Networks (workshop)
ADSNAccounting & Disbursing Station Symbol Number
ADSNAnti-Discrimination Support Network
ADSNApproved Driving School Network (American Automobile Association and Canadian Automobile Association)
ADSNAccounting Disbursing Station Number
ADSNAccounting and Disbursing Symbol Number
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Tom Aprill continued by stating, "While ADSN is focused on North America, Logica's multi-culture and multi-lingual experience will open new opportunities for ADSN in the global marketplace.
The ADSN would appreciate receiving a copy of your correspondence; send it to Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, P.
Ken Kinkopf, Project Manager and Director of Systems and Controls, added, "The ATLink(TM) solution from ADSN has many powerful features and is not dependent on proprietary software.
Bill Mottram, VP Sales and Marketing for ADSN stated, "The ATLink product exploits the power and intelligence of TIRIS and RFID Technology to improve shop floor and tracking information and replaces the limiting abilities of generic barcodes.
We remain confident in our ability to return ADSN to growth and profitability by providing solutions to better manage margins, labor variances, and product costing which will be the key elements of competing in the new Internet economy.
Mottram added, "These features are unique to our solution which gives ADSN a significant advantage in supplying labor solutions in the paper and forest products industry.
The replacement solution provided by ADSN is a real-time application exploiting the World Wide Web to connect and exchange data between a number of geographically diverse sites.
Gerry Pesut, President and Chief Executive Officer of ADSN stated "Establishing a long-term financial services commitment and partnership with a strong regional financial services company underscores our company's maturity and financial stability.
In addition, ADSN has implemented aggressive cost cutting programs.
Kevin Prouty, Senior Research Analyst for AMR Research stated, "While most data collection systems require significant customization, ADSN continues to keep customization of ATLink to a minimum.
Due to the delay in filing the stock of Advanced Systems will temporarily trade on the pink sheets under the symbol ADSN.
Commenting on the appointment, Gerry Pesut, President and CEO of ADSN, stated, "Craig Whiting is a very welcome addition to our Board of Directors.