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ADSOActive Duty Service Obligation (US military)
ADSOAssistant District Staff Officer
ADSOAustralian Defence Simulation Office
ADSOAssistant Division Signal Officer
ADSOAdditional Duty Safety Officer
ADSOApplication Development System/Online (US Department of Homeland Security)
ADSOAIS Domain Security Officer
ADSOArmy Directed Studies Office
ADSOAttention Data Search Optimization
ADSOAir Defence System Operator (India)
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By embracing the DSO model, dentists have found the most productive and balanced way to thrive and succeed in today's environment," said Doug Brown, President of ADSO and CEO of Affordable Care, Inc.
For example in the conclusion, when Adso states: "what I have written on these pages, which you will now read, unknown reader" (501) and, above all, when Adso, recognizing his own life mirrored in various pages that he is leafing through in the Borgesian library that will soon burn, realizes that those books are telling him: "De te fabula narratur" (241).
The ADSO, in conjunction with its partners, has been successful in getting at least 27 states to recognize Army truckdriver training and experience as an acceptable standard for the driving skills test portion of the CDL exam.
Tolkien seems to have often thought about the end times, (18) and he would have had access to the Enoch and Elijah legends about the Parousia in many forms, from the Latin of the Glossa and of Adso's Libellus de Antichristo, to the Old English of a translation of Adso and several of Aelfric's sermons, to Cornish in the magnum opus of Cornwall, the Ordinalia, where it appears in the Resurrection Play.
22) That would all change around 950 with the publication of Libellus de Antichristo by Adso of Montier-en-Der (d.
Op Adso van Melk se belydenis: my testimony as to the wondrous and terrible events that I happened to observe in my youth, now repeating all I saw and heard, without venturing to seek a design, as if to leave to those who come after [.
Each functional staff element has an appointed Additional Duty Staff Officer, or ADSO.
Quoting Adso from Umberto Eco's prologue to In the Name of the Rose I would like to say, "everything is on the wrong path.
William of Baskerville arrives at the abbey with his novice, who is also the fictitious narrator of the story, Adso of Melk.
28, 2009, all commissioned officers on the ADL must hold a regular appointment; be completing an ADSO incurred on or before May 1, 2005; or have a waiver from the Secretary of Defense.
the French Monk Adso, in his book, Letters on the Antichrist, laid the groundwork for subsequent literal interpretations of the Bible, especially the prophetic texts.
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