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ADSPActive Directory Services Protocol
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processing
ADSPAsus Digital Sound Processor
ADSPAppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
ADSPAirdefense Services Platform (Motorola)
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSPAuthor Domain Signing Practice (Domain Keys Identified Mail)
ADSPAdult Day Services Program (various locations)
ADSPAutomatic Data Set Protection
ADSPAllgemeine Deutsche Speditionsbedingungen (Standard German Freight Forwarders Terms and Conditions)
ADSPAggregate Deemed Sales Price (economics)
ADSPAdvanced Digital SAR Processor
ADSPAvailability Design Status Package
ADSPAir Data Smart Probe
ADSPAverage Daily Student Population
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According to Zimmerman, ADSP aggregates and analyzes data from across the continuum of care--includ-ing electronic medical record (EMR) encounters, claims, pharmacy, lab, and other available data.
Lumeris' ADSP was purpose-built to facilitate the big-data analytics, care coordination and population health management necessary for accountable care.
Under current regulations, ADSP is determined with reference to the "grossed-up basis in the purchaser's recently purchased stock.
197 applies to any asset acquisition or deemed asset acquisition, taxpayers (and all related parties) have three options; they may consistently (in all transactions in which adjusted grossed-up basis, aggregate deemed sale price (ADSP), modified ADSP or consideration must be allocated under Sec.