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ADSPAppleTalk Data Stream Protocol
ADSPAdvanced Digital Signal Processor
ADSPAutomatic Data Set Protection
ADSPAllgemeine Deutsche Speditionsbedingungen (Standard German Freight Forwarders Terms and Conditions)
ADSPAggregate Deemed Sales Price (economics)
ADSPAdvanced Digital SAR Processor
ADSPAir Data Smart Probe
ADSPAverage Daily Student Population
ADSPAvailability Design Status Package
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Under current regulations, contingent liabilities are taken into account for ADSP and AGUB purposes when they become fixed and determinable.
Via the ADSP, Essence pinpoints opportunities for improvement in these areas and then engages primary care physicians in the network to address them via a host of web-based platform applications and tools.
We are delighted to be included as a charter member of the ADSP program," said Richard Baxter, senior vice president, product management, SMTC.
Lumeris' ADSP was purpose-built to facilitate the big-data analytics, care coordination and population health management necessary for accountable care.