ADSRAttack, Decay, Sustain, Release
ADSRAmazing Digi Scrap Race (scrapbooking competition)
ADSRArmoured Division Signal Regiment (UK military)
ADSRAan De Stegge Roosendaal (Dutch; Netherlands construction company)
ADSRAdvanced Digital Security Research
ADSRAnnotation DataSet Record
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Practitioner Ceballos Castillo describes the role of ADSRs in the nuclear fuel cycle, neutronic and thermohydraulic safety considerations and mechanical issues, physical modeling of the ADSR, including the fuel pin heat transfer and thermodynamic models) steady-state and transient analyses and structural integrity assessments of fuel pin cladding.
ADSR is an on-demand source routing protocol wherein routes are built through RREQ/RREP cycles.
In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of ADSR that's proposed in this paper, we evaluate the ADSR protocol and compare its performance with those of well-known reactive, proactive and multipath routing protocols.
ADSR is more fault-tolerant and stable as it achieves greater packet delivery ratios.
8, we compare the throughput of ADSR with those of AODV, DSDV and AOMDV under CBR traffic.
11 illustrate the throughput performance of ADSR with respect to AOMDV, ADOV and DSDV under TCP traffic.
ADSR performs better in situations where mobility is higher, but it usually shows similar overhead to other uni-path routing algorithms.
Investment in associated undertaking In December 2002, NDS acquired certain assets from its associated undertaking, ADSR Limited and obtained the repayment of loans to that company.
We also received a refund in respect of past services provided to NDS by ADSR and, together with a reversal of a first quarter accrual, this resulted in a credit of (pounds)0.
Putting LFTRs and ADSRs up for scrutiny by the regulators is still a long way off.