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Any fractional ADSs will be sold and the net proceeds from that salewill be distributed to the entitled holders.
Existing ADSs will continue to be valid and will not have to be exchanged.
This will be the first time individual investors will have access to the liquidity and trading opportunities that Abu Dhabi and ADSS already provides to global financial institutions."
As a result of the ratio change, the ratio of ADSs to preferred shares will change from a ratio of one ADS representing two preferred shares to a ratio of one ADS representing one preferred share.
On the effective date of 10 May 2019, each ADS holder will be required to exchange every 15 ADSs then held for one new ADS.
Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas will contact ADS holders and arrange for the exchange of their current ADSs for new ADSs.
Each JMU's ADS holder of record is required to exchange every 10 ADSs then held for one new ADS.