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ADSTAssistant Director of Supply and Transport
ADSTApplied Design, Skills, and Technologies (education curriculum)
ADSTAssociation for Diplomatic Studies and Training (Arlington, Virginia)
ADSTAdvanced Distributed Simulation Technology
ADSTAlexandria University Desalination Studies and Technology Center (Egypt)
ADSTAustralian Daylight Savings Time
ADSTAdvanced Diploma in Software Testing (academic degree)
ADSTApproved Deferred Share Trust
ADSTAverage Daily Soil Temperature
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Andolong said that in this year's 5th ADST, the two sides exchange views on the current regional security situation and fleshed out cooperative plans to address security concerns faced by the Philippines and China.
Both sides expressed confidence that with avenues for open and substantive dialogue, such as the ADST, the Philippines and China will be able to further cooperate and manage differences towards contributing to a peaceful, stable, and prosperous region," he said.
A staff led by retired FSO Susan Johnson runs the nonprofit ADST, whose board is chaired by Philip Hughes.
The Department of State housed ADST at FSI and the Bureau of Human Resources provided an FSO slot for its executive director.
Anyone interested in being interviewed or conducting interviews should contact ADST.
Founded in 1986, ADST is funded through membership dues and contributions from the private sector and facilitates the publication of books, memoirs and papers.
He was supported by ADST staff and successive teams of college interns.
ADST markets its audio products under the Orion(R), a/d/s(R), and Precision Power(R) brand names.
Hood maintained his Speculative BUY rating for ADST with a 12-month target price of $1.