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ADSUMAlliance for Disability and Students of the University of Montana
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cui deus 'en, adsum tibi cura fidelior' inquit; 'pone metum, Bacchi Cnosias uxor eris ...' dixit et e curru, ne tigres illa timeret, desilit (imposito cessit harem pede) implicitamque sinu, neque enim pugnare valebat, abstulit: in facili est omnia posse deo.
(236-38) Me, me, adsum qui feci, in me convertite ferrum, O Rutuli!
Just prior to these elections, the military base at Valcartier, Quebec, made the headlines when its weekly newspaper, the ADSUM, refused to accept PQ advertising in its paper.
As our names were called we replied "adsum" to the roll caller, and immediately "good morning" to the head who stood beside her.
a fragment of brightly colored tapestry, on which is embroidered the coat-of-arms of Coufontaine, with the motto: |COUFONTAINE ADSUM'" (act 2) and "a large wooden cross with a bronze Crucifix.
These parallels are very significant, considering the fact that Voluptas in Apuleius' tale is Venus' granddaughter, and Apuleius echoes Lucretian descriptions of Venus in particular in the Isis Book (11,5 adsum ...
respice ad haec: adsum dirarum ab sede sororum, bella manu letumque gero.