ADSVAlgorithm and Data Structure Visualization
ADSVAmici Dello Sport Valdisotto (Italian sports organization)
ADSVAreas of Derived/Secondary Vegetation
ADSVAutomatic Dynamic Signature Verification
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polarography, adsorptive stripping voltammetry (ADSV) and anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV) were chosen for potential determination of metals at trace levels due to their sensitivity and also to their speciation capabilities.
In contrast species that are likely to be oxidized can be analyzed through ADSV. Adsorptive stripping is also a useful tool for metal complexes.
As an example Cr6+ has been determined by forming complex with ethylene-diamine (en) through ADSV that is well-reported method [39, 40].
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Method IRPLC SPE-HPLC AdSV Sample Drug Milk Urine LOD 0.028 [micro]g 2.20 [micro]g 1.3 ng [ml.sup.-1] [kg.sup.-1] [mL.sup.-1] LR 4.0-108 [micro]g 10-50 [micro]g 5-25 ng [ml.sup.-1] [kg.sup.-1] [mL.sup.-1] RSD (%) 0.21-0.50 0.05-0.78 1.7 Recovery (%) 99.6-101.8 96 95.4-115.2 r 0.9999 0.9985 0.9899 Reference [1] [15] [16] Method CE MSPD-FL-CL Sample Muscle Egg LOD 10 [micro]g 5.0 x [10.sup.-9] [kg.sup.-1] g x [L.sup.-1] LR 10-300 [micro]g 4.0 x [10.sup.-8] [kg.sup.-1] -5.0 x [10.sup.-5] g x [L.sup.-1] RSD (%) 4.38 3.6 Recovery (%) 74 88.6-98.4 r 0.9999 0.9989 Reference [7] This work