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The Zufryden, 1981, study demonstrated the viability of the approach through both descriptive and predictive empirical evaluations on the basis of data from two matched AdTel cables.
As before, the basic approach consists of a mathematical model that is developed in conjunction with data from the AdTel split-cable experimental method.
The data utilized in the study were obtained from split-cable tests conducted by the AdTel Company for one of its clients.
The corresponding complete media schedules over the test period were made available by AdTel. In addition, consumer purchase data were also provided from the purchase diary studies conducted during the test period.
Note that test market data, such as that from AdTel cable tests or typical advertising weight tests, enable projections to be made only for the specific advertising plans that are tested.
Moreover, the data required to implement the approach are routinely developed and readily available from the AdTel system or other consumer panel sources to which many companies currently subscribe on an ongoing basis.