ADTFat Depth Test Facility
ADTFAcr Decrease Time Factor
ADTFACR (Actual Cell Rate) Decrease Time Factor
ADTFAnalysis and Design Task Force (applications development and modeling; Object Management Group)
ADTFAt-Depth Test Facility
ADTFArtillery Direct Fire Trainer
ADTFAgency Data Tape Facility
ADTFAutomotive Data and Time Triggered Framework
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"We are pleased to assist Kvaser customers in using EB Assist ADTF 3 by enabling them to collect and analyse their CAN data more simply and efficiently."
With EB Assist ADTF 3, our aim has been to create a comprehensive, hardware-agnostic tool for automated driving development, and we are pleased to add Kvaser to our ecosystem."
The filter developed by Kvaser for EB Assist ADTF 3 will enable any Kvaser device to be found within the software, including all new Kvaser hardware releases.
The ADTF lobbied, held meetings and presented documents until an ordinance to create the Barnstable County Human Rights Commission was passed in October of 2005.
One involved how the ADTF took over an important and very large Cape Cod meeting on Martin Luther King Day in 2005.
This complementary model, which has to handle composite scripts and a mixture of host contexts, is left to the control of the unorthodox ADTF mechanism presented in the following sections.
The ADTF is used for the arabization of such packages and the control of special typesetting needs that are not supported by IAW's native mechanisms.
ADTF is implemented as part of EGA services and operates asynchronously from the rest of the processes in the system.