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ADTGAdvanced Data Tablegram
ADTGAllgemeine Telefondienstleistungs GmbH
ADTGAdvanced Data Table Gram (format)
ADTGAnalog Data Tape Generator
ADTGAssign Digital Transmission Group
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It has been established in mice with the deletion (VEGF (Ad[DELTA])) that adipose vascular density is reduced and there is adipose hypoxia, while transgenic mice (VEGF (AdTg)) have increased adipose vasculature and reduced hypoxia [98], indicating the important role played by VEGF in this phenomenon.
in their investigation of the endocrine effects of adiponectin on bone metabolism using a 12-week-old male transgenic mice (AdTg) with significant hyperadiponectinemia over expressing human full-length adiponectin in the liver [66].
adtg wm "I was spending about PS40 a day on heroin, which I smoked, and I wanted to have money in my pocket.