ADTPAustralian Digital Theses Program
ADTPAgência de Desenvolvimento Tietê Paraná
ADTPattitudes toward disabled persons (scale)
ADTPAlcohol and Drug Treatment Program
ADTPAdolescent Day Treatment Program
ADTPAssistant Directors Training Program (Directors Guild - Producer Training Program)
ADTPAdult Day Treatment Program
ADTPAssociation Départementale pour le Travail Protégé
ADTPAcademic Talent Development Program (UC Berkeley)
ADTPAustralian Divorce Transitions Project
ADTPArizona Detention Transition Project
ADTPAdvanced Technology Demonstration Plan
ADTPAsus Dynamic Thermal Dissipation
ADTPAddiction Day Treatment Program
ADTPAuthorized Desktop Training Provider (Microsoft)
ADTPAmerican Degree Transfer Programme
ADTPAdaptive Driver Training Program
ADTPAlcohol, Drug and Tobacco Programs
ADTPArmy Drug Testing Program
ADTPAlcohol Dependence Treatment Program
ADTPAddictive Disorders Treatment Program
ADTPAnalog Discrete-Time Processing
ADTPAssociation des Decores du Travail de Paris
ADTPAdvanced Desktop Publishing
ADTPAsynchronous Data Transport Protocol
ADTPAutomotive Devices Test Platform
ADTPacellular diphtheria-tetanus toxoids-pertussis
ADTPArchitecture Design and Technology Press, Ltd.
ADTPAssistant Director of Town Panchayats
ADTPApplications Development Training Program
ADTPAgro-based Industries & Technology Development Project
ADTPair dried tons pulp
ADTPAccelerator Driven Transmutation Project
ADTPAviation Desk Top Procedures
ADTPAssistant Director Town Planning
ADTPAnimal Drug Testing Program
ADTPAirshow Data Transfer Program
ADTPAdmission/Discharge/Transfer activity by Patient
ADTPAIRS Data Transfer Protocol
ADTPaktiva darba tirgus politikas
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been a long-time supporter of BICSI training, and as an ADTP, we will continue
Materials and Procedure The ADTP and NFC instruments were the same as those used in the first study.
However, the main effect of participants who had a professor with a disability demonstrated increased scores on the ADTP yielded an F ratio of F(l, 195) = 5.94, p = .016 indicating that students with a professor with a visible disability (M=112.92, SD=22.57) had higher scores on the ADTP than those student who did not have a professor with a visible disability (M=106.83; SD=12.40).
The final chapter, "The Gift of Community and the Community of Gifts," discusses the "stickiness" of the program: the fact that many students remain a part of ADTP in some manner as they return each year, become teaching aides and eventually teachers themselves, do administrative tasks, continue to stay in contact with previous instructors, and have siblings who attend.