ADTVAverage Daily Trading Volume
ADTVAbu Dhabi TV (channel; United Arab Emirates)
ADTVAllgemeine Deutsche Tanzlehrerverband (German: General German Dance Teachers Association)
ADTVAdvanced Definition Television
ADTVAttention Deficit TeleVision
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The primary objective of this project was to make ADTV content available to customers on their smart devices.
However, ADTV has landed the rights for this year's competition and TV executives have been in close contact with the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) to make sure the coverage goes smoothly.
average daily trading volume ("ADTV") of the subject class of securities had been no greater than 5 percent of the ADTV of that class of securities in its primary trading market during a recent 12 month period, and U.
This is not surprising, however, since ADTV has consistently demonstrated that it is committed to presenting forward-thinking programs to its Arab viewers.
The dramatic images from the live coverage of the bombardment of Baghdad on most international networks, including CNN, were exclusive ADTV footage.
33] The SEC looked at the number of research analysts that would cover companies at various public float and ADTV levels in order to determine the appropriate thresholds for the use of Form B.
A binary variable, ADTV, was created if individuals reported seeing an ad on television.
The ADTV made USD 14 billion in 2012, which exceeded 40% 2011 same period ADTV, Over 600 credit organizations, both Russian ones and bank subsidiaries of foreign companies are market participants of the MICEX-RTS currency market.
Market activity also witnessed a decent rebound towards the end of the week, as a result of which ADT rose to 138m shares (+2 percent WoW), while the ADTV reduced to $52m (15 percent WoW) which reflects market participant's rising interest in 2nd and 3rd tier scrips.
In accordance with Rule 10b-18 under the US Securities Exchange Act of 1934, purchases shall be limited to one "Block" purchase per week in lieu of the 25% of ADTV (average daily trading volumes) limitation.
Accordingly, under the TSX Rules and policies, CAE is entitled on any trading day to purchase up to 25% of the ADTV, which totals 96,104 common shares, for the next 12-month period of the NCIB.