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In order to help assistance dog owners, ADUK member charities issue advice on how to minimise stress caused by fireworks or other loud noises, and would like to share some of these tips with pet owners.
He makes a case for the advantage of totipotent embryonic stem cells rather than aduk stem cells.
Another example of name translation, this one involving a toponym, is treated by Hayim Tadmor, "Towards the Early History of qatalu," JQR 76 (1985): 51-54; he proposes to see in the second half of the name of the Habur River town Dur-Katlimmu a West Semitic phrase qatal limu 'he smote a thousand.' An Assyrianized form of the name (put in the first person) is also found: BAD-a-duk-l-lim, i.e., aduk lim 'the wall called "I [viz., the Assyrian monarch] smote a thousand."'
He wanted to know about all of the wives and husbands and children, and were they 'adukim" [observant] and how "aduk"; how was it in our house on Friday night, and when I told him he couldn't get over the fact that it was just' like "at home." He remembers that Daddy liked a kind of cake on shabbat that he ate with fish: with raisins and nuts etc.
The refrains divide the poem into stanzas: (1) ina tahaziya dannim aduk appears in lines ii 8[prime], 12[prime], and, as a transitional repetition, in 15[prime]; (2) lu iduk lu igmur lu uda is in lines ii 22[prime], 29[prime].