ADUSArchived Data User Service (transportation)
ADUSApollo Domain Users Society
ADUSAgrupación Deportiva Universidad de Salamanca (Spain)
ADUSAvionic Data Utilization System
ADUSAustralian Depot Unit of Supply (WWI)
ADUSAdvanced Underwater Surveys Ltd (UK)
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ADUS co-founder, Mark Lawrence, said: The acquisition of ADUS by DeepOcean is an excellent opportunity for all concerned.
Building on its success, ADUS has begun to successfully deploy its know-how and technologies in the offshore wind and oil and gas markets, where it can be used to provide 3D images of subsea structures such as offshore facilities, wind turbine foundations and seabed architecture.
As part of this acquisition ADUS will commit to a R&D programme to further develop the visualisation software used by ADUS.
The major R&D investment programme is with Dundee University, led by ADUS co-founder Dr.
Formerly Advanced Underwater Surveys Ltd, ADUS was originally a spin out from the University of St Andrews and Dundee University and has rapidly acquired a global reputation in the marine salvage market for its stunning subsea 3D visualisations.
The major R&D investment programme with Dundee University will be led by ADUS co-founder Dr Chris Rowland, who remains director of the university's 3D Visualisation Research Lab.
GLOBAL EXPERTISE: DeepOcean, which has worked on windfarms around the world, has signed a deal with sonar visualisation company ADUS - which has worked on the survey of the Costa Concordia, inset
ADUS shares dropped approximately 29% to close at $6.
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