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"In addition to the long-term advantages to South Walesa businesses looking to expand,x therer would also be short-term economic advad ntages a during the construction phase."
Can they not wait until I am away, y which is the reason the advad nce stop box is there?
And an added advad ntage is that it's priced a little lower than its VW equivai lent, the Up!.
The judge said that it would have a been clear to the defendant that the girls had been drinking alcohol, one had been physically sick, but he had taken advad ntage of them.
Losing touchc with technical c advad ncesa in tabletsa and televiv sions 18.
r Technoloh gy sparks frenzy Despite the major advad nces in the size, shape and performance f of hearing aids, therer has prevr iouslv yl beena reluctance to wear anything n visible to enhance hearing clarity.
Nominations can also be receive i d by post to Women of the Year 2013, c/o Susan Lee, Head of Content Advad nce, Livei rpool Post, Old Hall Street, Live i rpool L69 3EB.