ADVCAPAdvanced Capability
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Next, the end of the Cold War and Navy budget restrictions wiped out ADVCAP. Amecom had delivered six systems by 1993, when production funds for the program were canceled.
In the 1970S, the center designed the original engineering development model (EDM) of the EA-6B ADVCAP's ALQ-149 communications/radar jammer.
The program would seek to embed the ADVCAP architecture and software in new hardware at about half the weight and one third the volume.
Their concern is shared by their Navy and Marine Corps counterparts, especially since budget restrictions forced them to cancel the EA-6B ADVCAP program.
The ADVCAP program, which included the RPG from Litton Amecom and the ALQ-149 communications jammer from Lockheed Sanders, had intended to improve the EA-6B's performance in dense signal environments as well as provide it with a communications jamming ability.
While sources indicate that some SIP money would be transfered to the ADVCAP Lite effort should the Raven be mothballed, many question the wisdom of placing all the escort jamming eggs in the EA-6B basket.
EW systems that have already crossed the range include the ALQ-165 Advanced Self-Protection Jammer, AN/ALQ-126B ECM system, AN/APR-66 and -67 RWRs, EA-6B ICAP and ADVCAP systems and the Advanced Airbome Expendable Decoy.
As Congress considers a Navy request to reprogram the 1993-94 funds appropriated for the now-canceled EA-6B Advanced Capabilities (ADVCAP) upgrade, an industry team is actively briefing Navy and Pentagon officials on an alternative to the EW suite upgrades included in the ADVCAP effort.
But if the product improvement sets the agenda for future EW activity, what do recent setbacks in some of the biggest upgrade efforts on the table -- the cancellation (a setback to put it mildly) of the EA-6B ADVCAP, the funding stretchout of the EF-111 SIP, the evaporation of the A-6E (SWIP) and the disturbingly sudden postponement of the B-1B ALQ-161 RFP -- foretell for the budgetary health of the military electronics industry as a whole?
Thus, several EW simulator firms shared Grumman's disappointment when the Navy scuttled the EA-6B ADVCAP program.
Senior Navy officials at the meeting -- while sealing the fate of the EA-6B ADVCAP program by stating that the current ICAP II version was good enough to meet future threats -- suggested that a study was needed to determine just what stand-off jamming capabilities would be needed in the future.
The Navy has recommended the cancellation of the EA-6B Advanced Capability (ADVCAP) upgrade program.