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ADVFSAdvanced File System
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Developed by HP, AdvFS has been deployed for more than 16 years by enterprises throughout the world.
The WideSky SRM API currently provides support for databases from Oracle, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, and IBM, file systems including UFS, VxFS, HFS, JFS, NTFS, MVS Datasets, ex2 and AdvFS, as well as volume managers including LVM, VxVM, LSM, SVM, DiskADM, and LDM.
File systems: Compaq Tru64 UFS and AdvFS, HP-UX HFS and JFS, IBM AIX JFS and JFS2, IBM OS/390 Datasets, Linux ext2, Microsoft Windows NTFS, Sun Solaris UFS, Veritas VxFS (HP-UX and Solaris).