ADVINAssociation to Defend Victims of Nosocomial Infections (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
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12 November 2010 - India's CRISIL has announced the suspension of the ratings on local Advin Tradefin Pvt Ltd's INR95m term loan, INR15m cash credit and INR5m letter of credit.
CRISIL has suspended its ratings on the above-mentioned facilities of Advin Tradefin Pvt Ltd (Advin).
Incorporated in 1995, Advin was implementing a project for manufacturing 20-denier mono-dyed yarn.
12 For further thoughts on labour and environmentalists working together see Richard Kazis and Richard Grossman, Fear at Work: Labor and the Environment (New York: Pilgrim Press, 1982); Laurie Advin, Politics of Sustainable Development: Citizens, Unions and the Corporations (Montreal: Black Rose, 1998); and Wally Seccombe, "Environmentalists Meet the Labor Movement: Is an Alliance Possible?" New Solutions, 5:4 (Summer 1995), p.
27 October 2010 - India's ICRA said it gave an LBB- rating to the INR117.5m fund-based facility and an A4 rating to the INR5m non-fund-based facility of local yarn producer Advin Tradefin Pvt Ltd (ADPL).
0.50 Cr1 non fund based facility of Advin Tradefin Pvt Ltd (ADPL) +.
DYMPL has a group concern Advin Tradefin Pvt Ltd engaged in manufacture of polyester filament yarn and 20 mono polyester filament yarn.