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ADVISEAdenosine Vasodilator Independent Stenosis Evaluation (medical study)
ADVISEAnalysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement (US Department of Homeland Security data mining program)
ADVISEAdvanced Visual System for Situation Awareness Enhancement
ADVISEAvionics Data Visualization Integration System Environment
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In an environment where the theater has personnel constraints, the intelligence advisor's unique ability to advise their counterparts, while simultaneously producing intelligence, provides an additional capacity and flexibility to the regional command and to the Department of Defense as a whole.
After monthlong fast from sunrise to sunset, it is important to gradually prepare one's body to resume regular eating, experts advise.
Terry O'Banion (2012) advises counselors to work with students to explore their goals through self-reflection.
Your pharmacy team can advise you on whether over-the-counter drops will help, depending on the cause.
* Before litigation is started, can the lawyer advise the client to remove posts, photos, videos, or other information relating to the incident that may become subject to litigation?
Current examples include Airmen deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan who advise on a full-time basis.
In patients aged 40 years or older, and with a family history of glaucoma, 92% of practitioners advise a retest after one year.
BT Advise delivers consulting, integration and managed services through global practices organised around the BT Global Services core capabilities, such as security, customer relationship management, unified communications, mobility, managed network services, managed IT services and business technology.
ADVISE provides referral services for domestic violence and sexual assault victims.
If we were going to do a first-rate job of honors advising, we had to do it ourselves; of course, we clearly understood that we would need to work closely with the academic advisors across campus who were responsible for encouraging and tracking their advisees' progress toward their degrees and major requirements and that our responsibility was to do the same in terms of honors requirements.
Upon arrival, he was notified of a man inside and heard the victim cry for help and advise that he could not walk.