ADVONAdvanced Echelon
ADVONAdvanced Liaison
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Based in Austin, Texas, Tarsus Advon oversees online publications, such as, and community portals that provide technology information and education for the event and tradeshow industry.
SFC Joseph Palmer of the USARPAC G3 Force Protection Office arrived in Jakarta on 21 October 2006 to handle all security issues, and MAJ Humberto Jones, also from USARPAC, arrived in Jakarta on 27 October 2006 rounding out the ADVON to provide contracting support.
On October 29, two Air Mobility Command (AMC) air load planners arrived from Elmendorf AFB to handle airlift of the Indonesian Army ADVON of 125 passengers and 13 pieces of cargo.
Establish an ADVON early (180 days prior) with adequate personnel (at least one noncommissioned officer per company and staff section), and ramp-up as the time gets closer.
The DISCOM ADVON team focused on establishing connectivity to the Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS-2A), replenishing the Central Region's ASL zero balance, ensuring that sufficient class I (subsistence) was available to support the flow of 1st Armored Division personnel into the theater, and constructing and distributing ammunition basic loads.
He deployed with the ADVON to TF Falcon and prepared the company for the MRE and the initial missions.
Selecting early arriving personnel for the torch and ADVON elements and understanding the tasks for each makes for a smooth start.
(6.) The 5th Air Force P-38 force numbered 208 aircraft on October 7, 1943 of which 158 were in units, Ltr., HQ ADVON (Whitehead) to CG 5th AF (Kenney), subj.: Escalator Force, 20 Oct.
"The Mingle360's MingleStick solution was selected as the winner in the 'Best in Networking and Community' category based on their ability to allow event attendees to wirelessly exchange contact information" stated Stephen Nold, President of Tarsus Advon and MTO Summit.
Participants included Fort Hood Directorate of Logistics (DOL), the exclusive rail carrier Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Port Representatives for Beaumont and Corpus Christi ports, and advon members of the 1st Cav.
This advanced echelon (ADVON) was composed of the battalion $3, the assistant $3, the $4 noncommissioned officer in charge, a company executive officer (who had redeployed from Kuwait in August), a company supply sergeant, a driver, and a communications specialist.