ADVRAssociation of Directors of Volunteer Resources (Canada)
ADVRAnterior Dorsal Ventricular Ridge (reptiles)
ADVRAirborne Digital Video Recorder (avionics security equipment)
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In tandem with the commencement of this trial, ADVR has received the third installment of financing from Yorkville Capital partners in the amount of $249,500.
Yuriy Dunayevskiy brings 11 years of biotechnology research and management experience to ADVR.
Terms of the acquisition include upfront closing consideration of cash and ADVR stock.
Martin Bookman, who has been with ADVR as Assistant Controller since March of 2001, has been appointed Acting Chief Financial Officer.
I look forward to working with ADVR in developing and executing a comprehensive strategic plan for the clinical development of this very interesting and promising product," said Dr.
I am delighted to be joining ADVR at this critical juncture and to be leading it to the next phase," commented Dr.
I am pleased that with this funding, we can pursue our clinical trials in both Israel and the United States," said Eli Wilner, Chairman of the Board of ADVR.
These positive results highlight the anti-inflammatory properties of AVR118 and underline the potential of AVR118 as an anti-inflammatory therapeutic agent," said Eli Wilner, Chairman of the Board of ADVR.
A recent United Nations Report on China found that the world is 'witnessing the unfolding of an AIDS epidemic of proportions beyond belief'," said Eli Wilner, Chairman of the Board of ADVR.
D'Olimpio has served on the ADVR Scientific Advisory Board since February of 2001.
ADVR is in clinical trials for treatment of cachexia (body wasting) in patients with AIDS.