ADVSArizona Department of Veterans Services (Phoenix, AZ)
ADVSAssistant Director Veterinary Service
ADVSAnimal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences (Utah State University)
ADVSAssociazione Donatori Volontari Sangue (Italian: Association of Volunteer Blood Donors)
ADVSAutomatisiertes Datenverarbeitungssystem
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And because delivery vans don't need to take into account comfort or necessities for passengers, "we anticipate that ADVs will be operating on public roads before autonomous human transport vehicles do," he says.
Human Advs are common causative pathogens of acute respiratory infections in children.
Is it possible to buy multiples of the average daily volume (adv) in one trade?
AdVs, belonging to the family Adenoviridae and genus Mastadenovirus, are nonenveloped viruses that are 70100 nm in diameter and have linear, double-stranded DNA enclosed by a protein shell (capsid).
Median advertised speeds (AdvS) are also included in the regressions to evaluate their association with actual measured speeds of access networks.
DME's previous record performance was 7,450 ADV, which was set in November 2013.
For all collected specimens, PCR or RT-PCRs were performed to detect infection with ADVs, HBoV, HCoV, hMPV, IFVs, RSV, PIV, EV, and HRV.
RAWALPINDI, October 28, 2011 (Frontier Star): Chairman for Dengue Virus Campaign, MNA Muhammad Hanif Abbasi has said areas from which the cases of Dengue virus have been reported will be focused specially for Anti Dengue Virus Spray (ADVS).
Corrao and colleagues (2004) reported a linear dose-response function for essential hypertension on the basis of a meta-analysis of two studies, with significantly increased risks corresponding to ADVs as low as 25 g (RR: 1.43, increasing to 2.04 at an ADV of 50 g and to 4.15 at an ADV of 100 g).
The Bears made a strong start with Rangers spilling the opening kick-off, but Coventry could not take advS antage and, after that, Underbank dominated the opening 10 minutes but failed to take several good chances.
DNA viruses, including herpesviruses and adenoviruses (AdVs), have also been detected in bats, although with less clear implications regarding the role of bats as sources of infection for other mammals (5-8).
James LeBlanc Sr., chief executive officer, says, "This drawn-out Army process does not fit with ADVS' rapid development and fielding capabilities."