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ADWAAmerican Deer and Wildlife Alliance (Austin, TX)
ADWAAmerican Decentralized Wastewater Association (Austin, TX)
ADWAAsian Deaf Women Association
ADWAAdjustment Disorder with Anxiety
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Families began sending to the newspapers letters they had received before Adwa in which their menfolk described their poor living conditions and their fears at the size of the army they were going to face.
This final sequence of exile, death and burial also evokes Italian casualties at Adwa.
There are many explanations for how Ethiopia, led by Emperor Menelik II, defeated one of Europe's major powers in the famous Battle of Adwa.
The pollution due to the increase of solid waste will take a toll of superficial and underground water especially in the north regions of Sarrar, Adwa, and Fnaideq, Bek regions of Barr Elias, Mashghara, and Blbeck, and Ras al-Ain and Qana in the South, not to mention the pollution of the soil.
Bekele M, Tesfay H and Y Getachew Bovine Fasciolosis: Prevalence and its economic loss due to liver condemnation at Adwa Municipal Abattoir, North Ethiopia.
Only 74 defendants were present for the Adwa trial's single hearing on March 25," the HRW statement read.
The new public diplomacy accompanied by long historical ties and cultural affinities inspires the publics of the two countries to further join their efforts in the fight against poverty, famine and instability as they crushed the heels of colonial powers in Omdurman in 1898 and Adwa in 1896.
7) Indeed, under Prime Minister Crispi (1887-1891; 1893-1896), whose terms in office were marked by two disastrous colonial defeats (at Dogali in 1887 and Adwa in 1896), Italy's largest export was neither food nor fashion; it was manodopera, or human labor.
MP Khalid Al Adwa said he regretted the tendency by some people "to stir the street to achieve goals that do not serve the interests of Kuwait or Kuwaitis.
At Oasis Dates from Saudi Arabia, which is also recording brisk sale at the DTF, a jar of Saudi coffee is being sold for QR80, a smaller container of Saudi coffee masala comprising saffron, ginger, cloves and cardamon costs QR20, while a half kilo of Madinat Adwa dates is QR80 and a kilo of Khalas Qasseem dates is priced at QR90.
The men reached a hillock situated at Upper Adwa, bordering the Badr Valley.
Una variante que resulto apropiada en este ensayo fue la medicion directa del pH con un peachimetro (Lab pHmeter Adwa AD-1000).