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ADWAAmerican Deer and Wildlife Alliance (Austin, TX)
ADWAAmerican Decentralized Wastewater Association (Austin, TX)
ADWAAsian Deaf Women Association
ADWAAdjustment Disorder with Anxiety
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In their defensive positions, "the Ethiopian formation near Adwa resembled a cross to enable it to respond in the same manner no matter from which side the enemy's attack came," according to Milkias in his chapter, "The Battle of Adwa: The Historic Victory of Ethiopia over European Colonialism.
On the eleventh day, Soviet pilots transported Woldeselassie and the others from Adwa to Makelle by helicopter.
According to Dr Adwa, nearly five per cent of the population suffers from some sort of claustrophobia symptoms at some point in life.
RIYADH: Disregarding the singular quest of making money when starting a business is the top advice offered to entrepreneurs by Adwa Al-Dakheel, the 25-year-old CEO of the Direct Influence media agency.
The ensuing war to colonise Ethiopia resulted in a crushing defeat of Italy at the battle of Adwa (1895-96).
Five tenders for the transport & re-erection of water meters and performing whatever amendments required at subordinated locations within (a) El Adwa Branch, (b) Maghagha Branch, (c) Beni Mazar Branch, (d) Mattay Branch, also (e) Samallout Branch.
The pollution due to the increase of solid waste will take a toll of superficial and underground water especially in the north regions of Sarrar, Adwa, and Fnaideq, Bek regions of Barr Elias, Mashghara, and Blbeck, and Ras al-Ain and Qana in the South, not to mention the pollution of the soil.
Toujours dans le cadre de la sensibilisation, les deux journees portes ouvertes sur le diabete, organisees au niveau de l'esplanade du centre commercial Ardispar Pfizer et ADWA, ont permis d'effectuer des prelevements et des visites medicales pour 1.
For example, in April the NISS compelled Al Adwa newspaper Editor in Chief Faisal Mohamed Saleh to appear for daily questioning after he criticized the president during an interview on Al-Jazeera.
Summary: ADWA, Ethiopia, May 23, 2010, SPA -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said on Sunday he expects to win a national election thanks to his party&'s record on economic development and rejected opposition complaints of intimidation.
In order to ensure geographical representations, 4 Cooperative Unions namely Ahferom, Getser Adwa, Adigudom and Setite Humera were selected for the study purpose.
The Italians were sent packing at the battle of Adwa in 1896.