ADWCAbu Dhabi Women's College (Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates)
ADWCAir Division Warning Center
ADWCAir Defense Warning Condition
ADWCAir Defense Warfare Coordinator
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According to a medical report sent by Dr Nicolas Terraz from the British Veterinary Centre to ADWC about the medical examination and treatment plan for the cheetah, a swelling was found on the carpus (wrist joint).
Ronel Smutts, the director of the ADWC, told Gulf News that upon reaching the centre, the cheetah was dehydrated, hungry and traumatised.
The ADWC has also agreed to offer the baby cheetah a new home, which currently provides sanctuary for orphaned and sick animals, and works to ensure the continued survival of all endangered species.
Sara Al Alawi, also from ADWC, said the workshops helped her get in touch with her roots.
In the past five years, the ADWC has been involved in large carnivore's conservation programmes, focusing on breeding of African cheetah, tigers, lions, caracals, leopards, serval cats and jaguars.
Gulf News could not leave the ADWC without checking up on Sandy, the half-saluki breed who was saved from being put to sleep over six months ago.
The tour: Aa - An educational video is shown to give an insight into the conservation efforts the centre is undertaking - Visitors will be offered well-trained and knowledgeable guides while visiting lions, tigers, cheetah's and leopards as well as many other cat species in natural enclosures at close rangeAa - Photographic opportunities will also be offered at the ADWC.
The minute I read about Roots' story in Gulf News I asked my mother to connect me to ADWC.
She chose helping ADWC raise funds and spread the conservation message among friends who are interested in volunteering.
My mission is to gather support in my local community for ADWC.
Ronel Smuts, manager, ADWC, said this is the first time a child has approached the centre.
Lee will stand alone at her booth in school exhibition, representing ADWC.