ADWGAverage Daily Weight Gain (animal nutrition)
ADWGAustralian Drinking Water Guidelines 2004
ADWGAd Hoc Working Group
ADWGArtificial Dropout Waveform Generation
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Similarly, daily CP intake was positively correlated with ADWG, ADFI and carcass yield.
In general, there was no significant difference between ADWG of birds fed diets containing 2900 and 3000 kcal ME/kg.
001) ADWG of both quail species, but this effect was more obvious for Japanese quails.
Increased ADFI and ADWG in chicks fed on higher CP diets may be, in part, related to the higher amino acid density, because the birds appear to respond to amino acid concentration rather than dietary CP level (Straznicka, 1990).
Reported that ADWG were higher in the non-castrated animals as compared to the castrated calves whether animal were castrated before or after puberty (Biagini and Lazzaron, 2007; Xiao et al.