ADWRArizona Department of Water Resources
ADWRAssociation for Defence of Women's Rights
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Currently, ADWR has roughly seventy instream applications on file, but has issued a total of only eleven permits to just three different entities: the Arizona Nature Conservancy, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Tonto National Forest.
ADWR has issued approximately 1,345 new well permits and adequacy statements for more than 13,000 homes in the area since its 1993 policy reversal.
In order to subdivide real estate in AMAs (Tucson is part of the Tucson AMA), the water supplier serving the area must have an ADWR designation of an assured water supply (AWS) for 100 years.
ADWR requested that Prescott increase its well capacity within one mile of the effluent-recharge facility where the city allows treated wastewater to filter back into the ground.