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ADWSActive Directory Web Service (Microsoft)
ADWSArea Denial Weapon System
ADWSAutomatic Digital Weather Switch (meteorology)
ADWSAir Defense Weapon System
ADWSADP, DAMA, Weight & Space Savings
ADWSAdi Dravidar Welfare Schools (India)
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For the estimations of ADW of macrophytes, epiphyton, and phytoplankton, we used published data sets (Maemets and Freiberg, 2004; Maemets et al., 2006), reports of the Estonian State Monitoring Programme, and unpublished data sets of the authors, shortly introduced below.
We incorporated the annual ADW averages for Potamogeton perfoliatus, P.
The biomass of the epiphytes on Phragmites was calculated for ADW of the submerged biomass of Phragmites.
The values of phytoplankton ADW in August, the month of maximum FBM in the lake, were calculated for the whole lake, not separately for the littoral and the pelagial (Table 2).
Calculated to the ADW of the host plant, the amount of EP was the highest on Myriophyllum and the lowest on Phragmites (Table 6).
To estimate the magnitude of WL-related biomass changes, we calculated the extremes of ADW for the dominating species and/or groups of producers (Table 7), based on the data in Table 2.
The comparison revealed significant decreases in robberies, assault and battery offenses, assaults with a deadly weapon (ADW), commercial and residential burglaries, and vehicle thefts during the months of the intervention.
While robbery, ADW, and vehicle theft rates continued to fall, the number of family disturbances, assault and battery offenses, reported prowlers, and residential and vehicle burglaries increased significantly.
In his presentation, Baillely noted that within the autodish wash (ADW) category, unit dose forms have grown from a 12% share of ADW sales in 2002 to more than 50% a decade later.
The initiative, funded through a grant recently awarded to ADWS by the U.S.
"Not only was this initiative created in response to the needs of employers, it is also being led by employers," ADWS Director Daryl Bassett said in a news release.