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(11) ADoD, Command and Control, ADDP 00.1 (Canberra, ACT: ADoD, 2009), 2-11.
The ADoD and the small but influential defense industry benefit from the perception that Australia faces military threats as they reinforce the need for the maintenance of the defense budget and the purchase of expensive warfighting equipment.
Blunt is pleased to accept his daughter Eugenia's preference for him because, "he is the prettiest young Fellow in England, an understanding wise young Fellow, as much wit as any Man, well tempered, of great Honour, in great Favour with the King; he has done Wonders in the War of Ireland; he has gotten much Reputation, but no black Cattle; and adod Girl, he is as brave a Fellow as my self" (167).
"The valour of his actions and those of the other members of his patrol, are exemplars of the very best in Australian soldiering," Lieutenant General Morrison said.--Courtesy ADoD
During Afghan NIU operations, the SOTG primarily provides cordon security, logistic assistance, medical assets and other specialist capabilities.--Courtesy ADoD
Corporal Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC, MG becomes the 98th Australian recipient of the award and the second recipient of the Victoria Cross for Australia since it was instituted in 1991.--Courtesy ADoD
In the meantime, Sarbi will enjoy a well deserved break in the EDD kennels, getting reacquainted with her handler and Army life.--Courtesy ADoD
Maintenance crews have already stripped the Rotary Wing Groups double-decker bus-sized helicopters and packed them into a pair of Royal Australian Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircrafts for the return trip to Australia.--Courtesy ADoD
Provincial Response Company members are invaluable to Special Operations Task Group operations as they have community connections and local knowledge of the areas in which the Special Operations Task Group operates.--Courtesy ADoD
Trooper Donaldson has been awarded the first Victoria Cross for Australia.--Courtesy ADoD
It is hoped the tests will prove negative and Sabi can return home.--Courtesy ADoD