ADoROAnalysis and Design of Representations and Operators
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No entanto, as preferencias de Merida sao outras e e a partir disso que se inicia a relacao conflituosa dela com a mae, enredo principal do filme (Adoro Cinema, 2012).
A mi me gustan y adoro, todas y cada una de las piezas que resguardo.
Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Raimund Marasigan and Buddy Zabalas are still keen to entertain and fans have never been happier.
Dressed for action in a shoulderless, bright-orange tunic and a blue wrap, she brought rich seductive tone to "Per lui che adoro" and rousing conviction to "Pensa alla patria."
The secondary copings were fabricated with SR Adoro [microfilled lab composite veneering system] and the final prosthesis was inserted.
Entre sus temas mas reconocidos se encuentran: "Voy a apagar la luz," "Contigo Aprendi," "Adoro, No Se Tu," "Por Debajo De La Mesa," "Esta Tarde Vi Llover," "Somos Novios," "Felicidad" and "Nada Personal."
Estos son: Jose Balmes, Gracia Barrios, Eduardo Vilches, Mario Carreno, Nemesio Antunez, Gonzalo Cienfuegos, Adoro Couve, Roberto Matta, Gaspar Galaz, Roser Bru, Jaime Cruz, Pedro Millar, Ricardo Mesa, Luis Mandioca y Teresa Vicuna Fuente: Extension UC).
Drawing on the same legend, Thomas Aquinas composed the hymn known as "Adoro te devote" and applied the image to Jesus: "O loving Pelican!
Chamber Recognized Adoro & Yoss: Adorno & Yoss in Miami has received the Corporate Citizenship award--in the large company category--and has been named a Top 100 Minority Business by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.
This section and the book closes with the critically-edited Latin text and T.'s French translation of Aquinas's Eucharistic prayer-poem, Adoro te devote, which T.
The pair also face competition in the category from eight other stars, including former Hear'Say singer Myleene Klass with her debut album Moving On; 16-year-old singing sensation Hayley Westenra with Pure, Lesley Garrett's So Deep Is The Night and Luciano Pavarotti's Ti Adoro.
Yet it took years for him to finally record his first pop CD, Ti Adoro.