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AE1Aviation Electrician's Mate First Class (Naval Rating)
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As the turn operators were walking to the aircraft, AE1 commented, "You'd never think that you would ever actually have to perform one of those emergency procedures.
The AE1 was captained by Liverpool man Thomas Besant, who Mr Stoker believes deserves greater recognition from the city of his birth.
Customers and partners can see for themselves how the AE1 can be rapidly deployed and integrated with their existing IT environments, CRM applications and processes.
With today's release of the RM1, AE1, and PS1, ADI now provides the industry's first and only system-level FCC compliance solution for users of modular open architecture wireless products.
Since making this change, we have noted a consistent pattern of immunoreactivity in nonepithelial cells from the axillary nodes of breast cancer patients: AE1 reactivity is consistently negative in the fibroblastic-type reticulum cells of the lymph node tissue, whereas AE3 is consistently positive (Figures 1 and 2, respectively).
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AnswerLogic's AE1 answer engine enables corporate Web sites to function as the first line of customer support.
I observed an AE2 and AE1 performing a battery swap on the aircraft and decided to give them a hand.
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The company is distinguished for its AE1 product used to redefine Web-to-customer interactions by delivering targeted online content through the intelligent automation of unstructured data.
The AE1 doing the low-power turn completed his walkaround and climbed into the cockpit.
Tenders are invited for Running of various tube wells on Automation through supervisor in AC 21area under AE1