AEACAgnes Etherington Art Centre (Ontario, Canada)
AEACÁlcool Etílico Anidro Combustível (Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol Fuel; Brazil)
AEACArmy Education Advisory Committee
AEACAssociation Européenne d'Anatomie Clinique (French: European Association of Clinical Anatomy)
AEACAdult Entertainment Association of Canada
AEACAscorbic Acid Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity (food science)
AEACAlbers Equal-Area Conic
AEACAsian Executive Advancement Center (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
AEACAlternate Emergency Action Center
AEACArts in Education Aid Council, Inc. (Canoga Park, CA)
AEACArea Education Assessment Centre (Pakistan)
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AeAc une occasion, A Rasht , un groupe de la foule a criA@ des slogans en faveur du Shah, qui a A@tA@ rA@duit au silence par la majoritA@ avec des chants en faveur d'une rA@publique d'Iran (par opposition A une rA@publique islamique).
The antioxidant equivalent ascorbic acid content (AEAC) was measured as described by [12].
AEAC is developing a two-place version of the airplane which it plans to certify under the primary category for a price under $200,000.
(2007) reported the antioxidant activity of some cultivars of gooseberry 40.7-65.1[micro]mol AEAC.[g.sup.-1]; blackberry 113.6169.0[micro]mol AEAC.[g.sup.-1] and raspberry 77.7-145.4[micro]mol AEAC.[g.sup.-1].
Dry matter total soluble solid ascorbic acid and total phenol contents were not affected by supplemental fertilization (Table 1).The antioxidant capacity of control plants was 1.88 ascorbic acid equivalents (AEAC) 100 g-1 FW not significantly different than plants treated with inorganic fertilization or Amino16(R) applied to the soil (Fig.
Randall and Montgomery [27] proposed accumulated experience ant colony (AEAC) for using the previous experiences of the colony to guide in the choice of elements, and Chen an Chien [24, 26] solved TSP with combination of four metaheuristics having GA, SA, ACO, and PSO.
The decrease in absorbance was calculated as [IC.sub.50] and expressed as mg ascorbic acid (AA) equivalents per 100 g of fresh material antioxidant capacity (AEAC) as follows [12]:
It said that specially trained, armed and deployed police officers from the UK Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary (AEAC) should guard nuclear sites.