AEAFAgency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (Bulgaria)
AEAFAustralian Effects & Animation Festival (est. 1996)
AEAFAngola Education Assistance Fund, Inc.
AEAFAllied Expeditionary Air Force
AEAFArkansas Economic Acceleration Foundation (Little Rock, AR)
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Henceforth, the supreme commander coordinated his air operations through three clearly independent air organizations: US Strategic Air Forces in Europe, British Bomber Command, and the AEAF.
Kerri Daniels, AEAF executive director, said her organization was looking for students who are creative with innovative ideas and want to start their own business one day.
The Governor's Cup was named when AEAF partnered with the Donald W.
The ChubbChubbs" was named Best Animated Short Film at AEAF and Best Animation at the Foyle Festival.
In addition, the animation of "Stuart Little 2" was recognized by AEAF, being named Best Feature Film Animation.
Piper Knutson of Arkansas Capital and Carrie Daniels, executive director of the AEAF, said they view these programs not only as educational, but as a form of economic development as well.