AEAGAir Expeditionary Advisory Group (US Air Force)
AEAGAgricultural Economics Association of Georgia
AEAGApplication Enterprise Action Group
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Toulouse, France: Life Project led by Ecobag-ADERA (Association pour le Developpement de l'enseignement et de la Recherche aupres des universites, des centres de recherche et des entreprises d'Aquitaine) and AEAG (Water Agency of Adour Garonne), assisted by: Cemagref, the Centro de Recursos Ambiantales de Navarra, CNRS, Enfa, Gramip, Infoterra, INPT, INRA, IRH, Silogic and the University of Toulouse 1.
Lot 2 - Pipelines CHARRAS - Call for projects AEAG 2017: Supply and installation of 2028 ml of PVC pipes 106.
this contract for the supply and installation of a storage solution of the AEAG information system, as well as ancillary equipment and maintenance associated with hardware and software provided for a period of 3 years parts (with option 4 option years and 5 years)