AEAMAdaptive Environmental Assessment and Management (decision management)
AEAMAsociación de Estudios de Areas Marginales (Association of Studies of Marginal Areas, Guatemala)
AEAMAmerican Express Asset Management (New York, NY)
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(4.) For an extensive history of the AEAM and its relationship to the school, see Christina Maria Breman, The Association of Evangelicals in Africa: Its History, Organization, Members, Projects, External Relations, and Message (Zoetermeer: Boekencentrum, 1996).
In this paper we confront the question, "If we admit that we cannot eliminate uncertainty, then what means are available to deal with it when we try to understand and manage unpredictable disruptions such as floods?" We will first discuss briefly some of the sources of uncertainty in nature and society, then we will introduce a process of participatory dialogue, Adaptive Environmental Assessment and Management (AEAM), that attempts to address practically, the tension between theory and practice by deepening our understanding even as the system is managed.
This process, Adaptive Environmental Assessment and Management (AEAM), has been refined in a series of on-the-ground applications in problems of forestry, fisheries, national parks, and river systems.
As previously discussed, the driving assumption underlying AEAM is that uncertainty is inevitable, because the behavior of natural resource systems is only partly knowable.
Based on the assumption that structured learning is better than trial and error, AEAM is based on a process of Integrated Learning (Figure 2).
In this way, AEAM views policies as hypotheses, therefore management actions become treatments in an experiment.
As general secretary of the AEAM, a position he held for less than three years, he presided over a significant strengthening of the evangelical movement in Africa.
First, and most crucial, was the establishment of institutions of advanced theological education by the AEAM itself.
He was working on this project shortly before his death, and it became a reality in 1976 when the AEAM formally constituted the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa.
The interdisciplinary focus and the involvement of interested parties, which are near the heart of Holling's AEAM concept, have helped to open up management decisions.
VAZZOLER, AEAM. Biologia da reproducao de peixes teleosteos: teoria e pratica.