AEANAirman, Aviation Electrician's Mate Striker (Naval Rating)
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AEAN Jheri Blackwood of VFA-86 chains down an FA-18C aboard USS Nimitz (CVN-68).
AEAN Cedric Sims, left, receives training from ABH3 Jeremy Troutman on proper fire-fighting nozzle handling techniques during a drill aboard USS Enterprise (CVN 65).
Inspection AEAN Cole Bailey inspects an F/A-18 Super Hornet's engine oil on the flight deck of USS John C.
Kept afloat by three life jackets, he was spotted by AEAN Harley Witte from a search aircraft.
AE3 John Neal, AE1(AW) Jamal Davis, and AEAN Daniel Hart HSL-44, Det 2
AEAN Paul Bailey performs maintenance on a stabilizer actuator assembly of an SH-60 Sea Hawk in the hangar bay of USS Nimitz (CVN 68).
The Letter of Intent provides that AEAN will arrange the financing for the animated feature film, and that AEAN and Words & Pictures will benefit equally as co-executive producers.
AEAN Eddy Swagger from Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 147 chains down an F/A-18 Hornet late at night in the hangar bay.
Eisenhower (CVN-69), AEAN Averill saved the lives of two shipmates.
While Cutlass 467 was turning on deck, awaiting an amber deck to remove chocks and chains to launch on a C-Profile FCF, AEAN Reimann noticed a small piece of FOD come off the right side of the helicopter.
Tempest has granted AEAN the exclusive right for the preparation, production, exhibition, distribution, advertising and exploitation of a feature length motion picture, documentary, television production or mini series and ancillary merchandise based in whole or in part on the portrait and the life of its owner Lloyd Sullivan.