AEAPSAuger-Electron Appearance-Potential Spectroscopy
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Isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI, Degussa Co), AEAPS emulsion (2-8168, Dow Corning, particle sizeL: 37 nm, solid content: 20 wt.%) and other standard laboratory reagents were used as received.
Under vigorous stirring, AEAPS emulsion was dispersed into the PUU aqueous dispersion chain-extended by DETDA to prepare a modified PUU aqueous dispersion.
For enhancing the water resistance of waterborne PUU farther, the DETDA-extended PUU aqueous dispersions were modified with AEAPS and their physical properties are listed in Table 2.
Table 7 lists the surface properties and the water-absorbing amounts of the DETDA-extended PUU films modified with AEAPS. For these modifies samples, the contact angle increases and the [[gamma].sub.s] decreases with increasing the AEAPS content.